Why Do We Make Mistakes?

Does it remember the time when it was a caterpillar?

“Why do people make mistakes, mommy?” asked the 5-year-old during lunch today. Never had I expected such a question from her, or any children that young. I guess what I really meant was: I haven’t seriously thought about that before, and I surely don’t know the answer to that question.

“Why, mommy?” She repeated quite impatiently.

You know how it’s like, they will not take “no” or “I don’t know” for an answer, nor would they be satisfy with asking just one “why”.

Guess I’d have to play safe?!

“People learn from mistakes, darling. Without making mistakes, you probably won’t know where the rooms for improvement and growth are,” I said.

“But why?” she asked again.

“Most of the time, people would make mistake on things that they had no previous experience in. That’s because they don’t know what or how to do it. And that is all okay as long as they learn from mistakes and don’t repeat.”

When I was left alone during their nap time, I started to ponder over the question again. Not so much on “why do people make mistakes”, though, but more on “why do we punish those who make mistake so much if mistake is really how we learn?”

Especially now that many have access to social media; any mistake anyone makes, big or small, intentionally or not, could potentially tear that person into pieces just because many need to feed their “righteous” ego i.e. if I share a post of someone who “make a mistake” and criticize on that person/behavior then it indirectly show that “I’m better than that person”.

And so we unconsciously created a bunch of people who are afraid of making mistakes, and a bunch of people who want to appear perfect all the time.

“Does modern society have a place for someone like me? Someone who’s not picture-perfect. Someone who’s not successful by today’s standard. Someone who doesn’t really know where she’s going?”

You know, that used to be my background music. I was constantly afraid of being found “not as perfect”, “not as smart”, or even “not as chill” as I had appeared to be. Well, if you’ve read the book “Mindset” before, I guess I was a hardcore fixed mindset. Or maybe I had the “imposter syndrome”? 

I don’t know.

But what I now know is that every experience you have, every path you take in life, you learn and grow. There’s no such thing as “wasted time”. There’s only right people, right time, right place…

Mistake is how we learn.

What I’ve found is that the only way to true happiness is to find your life purpose and work towards becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be.

And to make life “easier”, the only person you should compare yourself to is the past you, and nothing more.

Do you know that the caterpillar is totally destroyed in a cocoon before it turns into a butterfly? But those stuff that made the butterfly was same from that which made the caterpillar. But I may be wrong and please correct me if I happen to be because after all I learn from mistake.


Simplify Life Say No to Drama


“Simplify life” is one big agenda me and many of my friends have for 2017. Perhaps, the chaos in the past years have finally convinced us of the importance of prioritizing? Or maybe the generally negative outlook of 2017 economy forced us to subconsciously want to tone down to better embrace the impact?

For me, it was to save my sanity.

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Why I Stop Having New Year’s Resolution


My vision board created in September 2015.

New year, new hope. It’s the season of setting new year’s resolutions again! Had you taken some time to review your own achievements in 2016? How was it?

New Year Resolution Isn’t Useful

I actually stopped having a new year’s resolution after seeing pretty much the same list year after year. I’m sure some of you can relate. We always wrote things like exercise more, read more, spend more time with family blah blah blah. But we kind of ditch the plan when life gets busy. And by the time we re-visit the resolution again, the year is ending. We put our hope in the new year again, only to have the same cycle repeats itself.

Or was I the only one that has this issue?

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Learning How to Learn from My Grandmother

children-learning-from-great-grandmaThe kids learning how to prepare the sweet potato leaves for cooking.

Can you see yourself learning how to operate new technology being illiterate when you are in your seventies?

Well, my grandma was born in a time when girls weren’t allowed to go to school. It was also a time when the computer hasn’t been invented yet. But now she has an iPad which she uses to stay connected with her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren all over the world! By the way, she has never used a computer before. But yes, she has an active Facebook account!

Don’t you wonder how she manages?

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Forgive Without Betraying Yourself

forgiveness sets us free

“You have many wonderful things happening in your life. Aren’t you contented?”

Forgive and you will be freed.

If you had known me earlier, you’d probably find me as a resentful and whiny person. I used to hate my past, the many unpleasant events, and the people associated with those memories. And when I told my stories, I usually feel heated. Not from enthusiasm or excitement, but from anger and disappointment.

Then one day, as I was repeating a hurtful story to a group of close friends, they reminded me that I had told them the same thing 4 years ago.

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Malaysia Property Investment Lookout 2017

(This post is translated with permission from Master Tan Ji Yi. Please note that everything in this post is the personal opinion and the experiences of the Fengshui Master. This is NOT a sponsored post. If you find a better way to translate any part of the original article, feel free to feedback. I appreciate all help!)

real-estate investment fengshui forecast 2017

2017 The Year of Fire Rooster bring stagnation but there are many opportunities in real estate

Investing in real estate has been the focus of many Malaysians in recent years up until 2015 when the investment trend started to decline. 2016 proved to be slower than 2015 with even fewer trades in the property market. For the interested investor who seeks advice for 2017, the science of prediction can assist, making us a shrewd investor. However, the investor should fully understand his or her own financials to start with.

The Prediction

In the year of “Fire Rooster”, the real estate property of Southern, Mid, and Northern regions of Peninsular Malaysia are valuable for investments.

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7 Lessons Time Has Taught My Father-In-Law

Photo via VisualHunt.com

My father-in-law used a 36-year-old watch to tell us his story.

Father-in-law gave my husband a 36-year-old watch as his birthday present this year. “It cost SGD2,000.00 when I purchased it, but it’s so worthless now that even the thief wouldn’t take it when they broke into my house,” he let out a big sigh. “If I had invested that money elsewhere, I would have so much return now!” He laughed, “Hope you like this gift, though!”

That event created a lasting impression in me because my father-in-law was never a sentimental kind of man. But that evening, he was different. He used that watch as his tool to tell us a story.

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