Malaysia Property Investment Lookout 2017

(This post is translated with permission from Master Tan Ji Yi. Please note that everything in this post is the personal opinion and the experiences of the Fengshui Master. This is NOT a sponsored post. If you find a better way to translate any part of the original article, feel free to feedback. I appreciate all help!)

real-estate investment fengshui forecast 2017

2017 The Year of Fire Rooster bring stagnation but there are many opportunities in real estate

Investing in real estate has been the focus of many Malaysians in recent years up until 2015 when the investment trend started to decline. 2016 proved to be slower than 2015 with even fewer trades in the property market. For the interested investor who seeks advice for 2017, the science of prediction can assist, making us a shrewd investor. However, the investor should fully understand his or her own financials to start with.

The Prediction

In the year of “Fire Rooster”, the real estate property of Southern, Mid, and Northern regions of Peninsular Malaysia are valuable for investments.

The “Fire Rooster” brings with it the signs of stagnation that will be evident in a weak economy. And with the slow market, property trading will lessen, creating a perfect window to get into the market. Such investor is said to flow with the trend: buy low when the market is slow and when the market recovers, the investor thrives.

A smart investor should also consider the purpose of purchasing the property on top of looking at his or her own financials. Is the purchase purely for investment or is the investor looking to occupy the property?

Recommendations for Southern Region Investment

For those who would like to invest in the Southern region (Johor), factories, shophouses, and landed houses are some of the better choices.

Many Malaysians choose to work in Singapore due to the high currency exchange rates. As such, many rent a house and stay in Johor because of its strategic proximity to the neighbor country. The rapid development of the Iskandar regions also promises more facilities that will further attract people to Johor, boosting economy development, making the Southern region ideal place for investment.

Looking to invest further from Johor Bahru? Muar and Pagoh are both potential places.

invest in landed property in Johor

Johor is an ideal place for real estate property investment – look for landed property

Recommendations for Mid and Nothern Region Investment

Mid-region refers to Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. It is where our capital city is located. This region should be in consideration because it has rapid economic development, better infrastructures, and many tourist attractions. However, the investment in this region is almost saturated. Any interested investor of such region may consider going South to Cyberjaya or Seremban.

For Nothern region, property in Pulau Pinang and Ipoh can be considered for investment as they are both power tourist attractions.

Master Tan wishes everyone to be a smart investor and that everyone succeeds in every encounter.


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