Why I Stop Having New Year’s Resolution


My vision board created in September 2015.

New year, new hope. It’s the season of setting new year’s resolutions again! Had you taken some time to review your own achievements in 2016? How was it?

New Year Resolution Isn’t Useful

I actually stopped having a new year’s resolution after seeing pretty much the same list year after year. I’m sure some of you can relate. We always wrote things like exercise more, read more, spend more time with family blah blah blah. But we kind of ditch the plan when life gets busy. And by the time we re-visit the resolution again, the year is ending. We put our hope in the new year again, only to have the same cycle repeats itself.

Or was I the only one that has this issue?

Ask Yourself What’s Important

Honestly, no matter how SMART (Specific, Measurable, achievable, realistic, timely) your new year’s resolution may be, your brain will find them quite meaningless if the things you want to do contribute little or nothing to your true happiness or your growth.

And that is why we fail.

Our mind is powerful in guiding us to where we want to be, but it isn’t interested in things that are, well, not interesting to us. Unfortunately, many of the new year’s resolution involves processes that are boring, repetitive and sometimes excruciating. Imagine one who hasn’t worked out for years have “exercise more” in the list.

You get the idea!

Having a strong will helps in the beginning but it’s not going to be sustainable if you do not learn to enjoy the process. And that’s where we all suck at! I personally find that the best way to convince your brain to follow any dreadful processes through is to reason with it. Ask yourself WHY is “______________” (fill in with a new year’s resolution e.g. getting in shape) important to you and how would it contribute to your happiness.

Once you understand the WHY, be ready to walk out of your comfort zones to fulfill that goal.

Cut all excuses you have…

But really, all that is easier said than done!

Vision Board

Whether it’s the Law of Attraction at work or maybe it’s just self-fulfilling prophecy, I find the hit-rate of reaching goals set on a vision board much higher than any written new year’s resolution.

I created my very first and only vision board (with very limited choice of images btw) in September 2015 under Mr. Enrique Tsou’s guidance. Although the instruction was to keep the board somewhere we can see daily, I kept mine away in the storeroom fearing I would get mocked for what I want. *LOL*

I took a picture of the board and carry it around on my phone, though.

Despite not looking at the board frequently, I noticed that I have been unknowingly progressing towards what I had on the board!

To give one example, notice the Thermomix I have on the bottom left corner of the board? That represents my desire to cook more for my family. Guess what happened? I get to cook for my kids every day now as no one can help me with it anymore! *LOL* But the most incredible part of the story was when Sui-Theng called me up recently for a Thermomix demo at her house. Yes, I secretly really wanted a Thermomix. But no, she didn’t know that. In fact, I only talked about it once to my sister-in-law at least 3 years ago and I dropped the topic after knowing how much it costs.

The more vivid and relevant your mental image is of what you want to materialize, the more likely you get it realized.

I’m still in disbelief with how some goals on the board were met because I wasn’t even consciously working towards them to start with!

What about you? Have you had a vision board before? How did it go?

If you haven’t made one before, try it! I’d loved to know if it works for you too!


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