Kit chose a pen on her first birthday.

Kit chose a pen on her first birthday.

That was me in the picture taken on my very first birthday. I was dressed up like a handsome boy, all ready for the Chinese ceremony my wonderful grandparents wanted me to go through. They lay several objects on the floor, and without any instruction let me move freely around these objects. It was believed that the first item I touched would indicate what I’d grow up to do (for a living).

And I  picked a pen, which meant I should have a career as a writer and that sort. Sadly, that’s not the case in real life. I do not write for a living, or at least, not yet. But if I could be superstitious, this picture probably explains why I love writing so much since young.

This picture serves as a reminder to myself, to never forget what I want to do.

In here, I intend to share things I’ve learned from my experiences as a businesswoman, and perhaps some stories.

Special thanks to Johnson Lai and my husband, Ryan, for giving me the courage to do this.



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