7 Lessons Time Has Taught My Father-In-Law

Photo via VisualHunt.com

My father-in-law used a 36-year-old watch to tell us his story.

Father-in-law gave my┬áhusband a 36-year-old watch as his birthday present this year. “It cost SGD2,000.00 when I purchased it, but it’s so worthless now that even the thief wouldn’t take it when they broke into my house,” he let out a big sigh. “If I had invested that money elsewhere, I would have so much return now!” He laughed, “Hope you like this gift, though!”

That event created a lasting impression in me because my father-in-law was never a sentimental kind of man. But that evening, he was different. He used that watch as his tool to tell us a story.

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