Simplify Life Say No to Drama


“Simplify life” is one big agenda me and many of my friends have for 2017. Perhaps, the chaos in the past years have finally convinced us of the importance of prioritizing? Or maybe the generally negative outlook of 2017 economy forced us to subconsciously want to tone down to better embrace the impact?

For me, it was to save my sanity.

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Eulogy Changed My Life Perspective

I wrote a eulogy on behalf of my 3-year-old

My [then] 3YO

Eulogy is the speech delivered at a funeral praising the deceased.

Last year after a prolonged downtime, I wrote a eulogy on behalf of my then 3-year-old girl to speak of me at my funeral.

I imagined how my own funeral would look like, and how she would feel about me not being around anymore. I assumed the kind of positive impacts I would have on her. For instances,  the ones she becomes aware of and the ones she would be grateful for. And I thought about how she would see me as a mother, businesswoman, daughter, friends and etc..

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